What is a Field Mortgage Inspector?

Field Mortgage Inspectors (aka Photo Inspectors, Property Inspectors) represent banks, mortgage companies, and other financial institutions with a concern for the condition of the property as well as if the property is occupied or not. For example, when a mortgage loan becomes delinquent, the bank or mortgage company is required to send someone to the property to take photos and determine whether the property is occupied or vacant and assess the general condition of the property.

Exterior property inspections are requested by a bank or mortgage company to determine:

  • the occupancy status
  • the condition of the property
  • if there is any deterioration or vandalism on the property
  • if the property has been abandoned
  • if the property is listed for sale.
Field photo Inspectors…
  • never ask or inquire of the homeowner about the financial status of the loan
  • never collect payments
  • are not responsible for mortgage delinquency
  • do not receive financial information
  • do not solicit financial information from the homeowner.
What does a photo inspection look like?

If you see someone taking photos of a house on your street, that person may be a field photo inspector. Please understand that the person is performing a professional service for the mortgage or insurance industry. Due to privacy laws, a field inspector cannot divulge information to anyone other than the homeowner.